About Us

Welcome to Bazyl, a bed and breakfast located in the village of Bóbrka, near Solina. We invite you to our town, whose appeal stems partly from its short distance to the famous Solina Reservoir Dam. Bóbrka also guarantees peace, quiet, and beautiful views. Thanks to numerous walking paths, an abandoned stone mine, and Myczkowieckie Lake with its small boat marina, Bobrka is a great place for those seeking relaxation. And mountain lovers will find that Bobrka is an ideal base for further exploration of the Bieszczady mountains.


The comfortable rooms, delicious home cooking based on regional cuisine, and above all, the friendly atmosphere of our house are not everything we want to offer you.

Another attraction is the paper flower artistic workshops, based on a local art tradition. These flowers have enjoyed great popularity for many years and have actually become a hallmark of Bazyl.


Also included for our guests' entertainment are pottery workshops organized in our cozy pottery house. Do not forget the barbecue pit, fireplace, and a small playground for children, although the most fun for them will certainly be in meeting our pets.


During the holidays we have additional attractions, which you can read under the  tab OFFERS.


We welcome you,

Dorota & Andrzej Kusz